Hormone Horoscope for Sunday, November 29, 2015
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> WEEK ONE: Day 1 (first day of period) to Day 7
Estrogen rises: Day by day as your Week 1 goes by, you'll likely enjoy bolder scents, louder music and more intense flavors thanks to rising estrogen, which makes you enjoy more intense experiences.
> WEEK TWO: Day 8 to Day 14 or ovulation (how to tell if you're ovulating)
Estrogen and testosterone rise till they peak: You may vary your routine (for instance, traveling one way to work, then a different route home), choose a bunch of appetizers instead of one big meal, combine two or three snacks (like popcorn, M&Ms and candied nuts) into one big batch or do something else that enables you experience an assortment of things at once. That's because rising estrogen is making you want to inject fun and variety into your day.
> WEEK THREE: Begins day after ovulation and lasts 8 days
Progesterone rises; estrogen and testosterone drop for half the week, then estrogen rises again: If you're picking colors or products today, say, a new wall paint or kitchen appliance, you'll likely go with the subdued, no-frills versions, for instance a light blue over a jazzy orange or a manual potato peeler over a new-fangled electric one. That's progesterone's influence. As it rises, it puts you in a mellow, cautious mood, making you prefer low-key, familiar options over exciting, unfamiliar ones.
> WEEK FOUR: Final 6 days of your cycle (Day 23 to 28 in a 28-day cycle)
Estrogen and progesterone plunge: Plunging estrogen may make you a bit of a pessimist and close-minded, making you more likely to turn down someone's request, for instance, for a favor, raise, date or the last brownie. But, especially the last brownie.

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